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Two individuals detained suspected of sanctions violation

On Wednesday, April 6th the Estonian Internal Security Service KAPO detained Elena (age 43) and Mati-Dmitri (age 50). They are suspected of crimes against peace, namely violating international sanctions.

According to the evidence gathered since 2021 Elena and Mati-Dmitri are suspected of using the web-based media platform Sputnik Meedia to provide a sanctioned individual with economic resources of more than €350,000. According to the suspicion these funds originated from the Russian Federation. In addition, Elena and Mati-Dmitri kept the media platform Sputnik Meedia active in defiance of European Union sanctions of March 1, 2022.

Chief state prosecutor Mr Taavi Pern stressed the fact that the criminal case investigates illicit economic connections that are forbidden by international sanctions: “European Union imposed sanctions in response to international crimes committed against the state of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Violating these sanctions is a crime against peace.”

“This investigation does not assess or evaluate content posted to the mentioned media platform,” added Mr Pern.

“International sanctions are essential in restoring peace in Ukraine, which has been undermined by Russia since 2014,” said Mr Harrys Puusepp from the Estonian Internal Security Service KAPO. “Unfortunately, in addition to crimes against peace, for more than a month the Kremlin and the Russian armed forces have been escalating the situation with war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Investigating crimes against peace and sanction violations is a priority for the Estonian government. “We use all means provided by the law in fighting crimes against peace. We want the preliminary investigation to be carried out as thoroughly and effectively as possible,” added Mr Puusepp.

The criminal proceedings are carried out by KAPO and directed by the Prosecutor’s Office. The suspicion is based on § 931 of the Estonian Penal Code, which can be found here:

You can find additional background information on this subject here: