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Symbols and traditions

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Internal Security Service is of the shape of a shield. In the middle of the coat of arms is a mythological holy animal griffin, widely known in the ancient world, who holds the national coat of arms of Estonia in its paws. The griffin is depicted in profile and turned to the left, which symbolizes development and moving forward. The colours of the coat of arms are black, gold (yellow), blue and red. 




The flag of the Estonian Internal Security Service was adopted on 20 September 2000 by the then Minister of Internal Affairs Tarmo Loodus. Against the blue background the flag features the heraldic animal griffin who holds the small national coat of arms in its paws. The motto Virtute et constantia is depicted above the griffin. The year 1993 beneath the griffin marks the re-establishment of the Estonian Internal Security Service as an independent authority.

KAPO lipp


The flag of the Internal Security Service bears the Latin motto of the agency Virtute et constantia (by virtue and constancy).


The mythological holy animal griffin is a guardian animal with the head, wings and claws of an eagle and the body of a lion. He is more powerful than eight lions and stronger than a hundred eagles and is considered the symbol of vigilance and wisdom. The griffin with his sharp all-embracing glance and all-hearing ears has also the symbolic meaning of the protector of supreme power, as the strength of a lion and the wisdom of an eagle are combined in him.

Length-of-Service Badge

The Length-of-Service Badge is awarded to security police officers or civil servants of the Estonian Internal Security Serviceupon the completion of a continuous service period of five, ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty five years.

Badge of the Year

Each year one police officer of the Estonian Security Police is named the Security Police Officer of the Year for a deed worthy of special acknowledgement or for professional achievements in the fight against crime. The Security Police Officer of the Year is also awarded an inscribed firearm.

The badge is granted by the Minister of Internal Affairs or the Director General of the Security Police on the Anniversary of the Estonian Security Police on 12 April.

The Badge of the Security Police Officer of the Year is worn on festive occasions.


On 12 April 1920 Prime Minister Jaan T├Ánisson and Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksander Hellat signed the Order of the Internal Security Service of the Republic of Estonia, which provided a legal basis for the activity of the Internal Security Service within the area of government of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Estonian Internal Security Service celebrates its anniversary on the same day, April 12.

Annual review of the Internal Security Service is published every year by April 12.