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Contact information

Estonian Internal Security Service

Luise 1

10142 Tallinn


24 h contact: (+372) 612 1455; [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]

Press Officer: (+372) 612 1406; [email protected]

KAPO map

Southern Department

Lutsu 7

51006 Tartu

Police Director Jaanus Kann

Virumaa Department

Rahu 38 

41532 Jõhvi

Police Director Tarmo Tammiste

Western Department

A. H. Tammsaare pst 61 // Riia mnt 127a

80042 Pärnu

Police Director Veiko Germann

The Estonian Internal Security Service is headed by the Director General of the Estonian Internal Security Service mr Margo Palloson.

Reception hours for citizens at the Estonian Internal Security Service: first Monday of each month from 15:00 to 17:00 at Toompuiestee 3, Tallinn

What should you know when coming to the premises of the Internal Security Service?

  • Ensure you carry identification (either passport, ID card or driving licence);
  • Audio and communication equipment (such as mobile phones, dictaphones, cameras etc.) will be securely stored for you during you visit to the administrative buildings of the Internal Security Service.
  • Entering the buildings of the Internal Security Service with a firearm is allowed only with the permission of the Director General of the Internal Security Service and the firearm will be securely stored for you during your visit to the building.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the buildings of the Internal Security Service.

How to contact the Internal Security Service?

There are several options:

  • You can contact the duty officer of the Internal Security Service by dialling (+372) 612 1455. Depending on your enquiry, the duty officer will then either put you through to the on-call officer or an official in charge of the specific area of your enquiry.
  • You can submit a letter or an e-mail. Your letter should contain your contact information - name and postal address where to send a reply.
  • You can come to the headquarters of the Internal Security Service at Toompuiestee 3, Tallinn, or to one of our regional departments (link kontaktandmetele) where the duty officer (in the headquarters) or on-call officer (in the regional department) will be able to assist you.

NB! Please ensure you carry identification when you visit the headquarters or any of our offices.

How to submit a request for information?

A request for information can be submitted:

  • orally, addressing a holder of information directly or by telephone
  • in writing, delivering a request for information personally or communicating it by post, fax or e-mail.

A request for information shall set out the following information orally or in writing:

  • the given name and surname of the person making the request for information;
  • the name of the legal person or agency in the case a request for information is made on behalf of an agency or legal person;
  • the details of the person making the request for information (postal or electronic mail address, or fax or telephone number), through which the holder of information could release the information or contact the person making the request for information;
  • the content of the information or the type, name and content of the document requested, or the requisite information on the document known to the person making the request for information;
  • the manner of complying with the request for information;
  • if a person requests information which contains restricted personal data concerning him or her or third persons, the holder of information shall identify the person making the request for information;
  • if a person requests restricted private personal data concerning a third person, he/she shall inform the holder of information of the basis and purpose of accessing the information.

Matters concerning requests for information are regulated by the Public Information Act.